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There’s no place like home, and we understand that being away from your homeland can be difficult. Thankfully DISH offers a way to get a little taste of home even if you’re an ocean away. If you’re looking to enjoy your favorite Pan-African programming at a reasonable price, the Pan-African Bouquet from DISH may be for you.

From African news and talk shows, to movies and music, DISH's Pan-African Bouquet will surely appeal to the senses of the entire family.

Int'l: Pan-African: Bouquet

The Pan African Bouquet offers an aura of refreshing and blooming African entertainment via a wide array of genres from African news and talk shows to reality shows, sitcoms, soaps, dramas, movies and music. The Pan African Bouquet will appeal to the sensibilities of the entire African Family and Diaspora by offering original content for everyone.

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